The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Cordless Telephones

By | March 19, 2014

Are you planning on buying a cordless phone but don’t know what to look for? Do you want to learn what features to look for and how different features work?

You could probably call this a buying guide, but it’s not as technical as some other guides because it’s meant for the average consumer who might not have a strong technical background.

The fact is that there are endless varieties and with seemingly endless capabilities. It would be an understatement to say these phones have A LOT of features. Wired phones are quickly becoming a thing of the past, so it’s time for consumers to embrace wireless technology.

The Typical Features

buyer's guide for cordless phone

Lot’s of features

All models come with some standard features, so it’s important that you know what these are. A pager, call waiting, flash button, handset ringer, last number redial, volume control and earpiece come standard with most wireless phones. However, there are many other features to be aware of.

The Base Keypad

A lot of modern cordless telephones come with several handsets. For example, many consumers purchase a phone that comes with five or more handsets.

A base keypad is very useful if you need to navigate the phone menu during a call; it allows you to check the menu while never having to remove the phone from your ear. Many modern phones have a backlit base keypad, which makes the keys very easy to see in any lighting conditions.

The Speakerphone

These days, it’s hard to imagine a cordless telephone that doesn’t have a speakerphone. The speakerphone is a VERY valuable feature because it makes it easy to talk to friends and family without holding the phone up to your ear.

This is especially beneficial when you’re planning on having an extremely long phone call with out-of-state relatives or friends. However, the speakerphone has an even more important benefit that most people would never think about, and it has to do with radiation.

Since these devices emit harmful electromagnetic radiation, it’s important that we try and keep the handset as far away from our head as possible. The speakerphone makes it easy to hold a conversation while keeping the handset away from your head. Some consumers like to use the speakerphone feature as an intercom.

How Many Handsets

It’s also important to consider how many handsets you’re going to need. Some people only need one while other families could need as many as 10 handsets.

Believe it or not – there are actually systems that come with 10 handsets! This is perfect for an office setting or similar. Although this isn’t really a feature, it’s best to know exactly how many handsets you will need before you start looking for the phone system to purchase.

The Pager

This is a feature that isn’t discussed frequently. The pager is actually an extremely useful feature, and if you have the option, you should really try to buy a system that has pagers on the handsets. It’s a fact that we all lose things. Most people will lose one or more phone handsets multiple times.

However, if the handsets don’t have a pager feature, you can lose a lot of your valuable time trying to find the handsets. The pager is like an alarm, and by pressing a button on the base station, you can easily locate any lost phone handsets. Although not all systems have it, another pager feature will sound when you’re moving out of the range of the base station.

LCD Screen

There isn’t much to say about this feature. The phone either has it, or it doesn’t. An LCD screen is useful because it makes it easy to see the phone menu during low-light conditions, and it also makes it possible to browse the menu from any handset.

You can use the LCD screen to view numbers dialed, battery strength, time of calls, names of people calling you, caller ID details and other important information. It’s a huge benefit to buy a system that has an LCD or LED display.

Caller ID

What phone system would be complete without caller ID? This is an extremely valuable feature, and its true value can be recognized if you’re frequently harassed by creditors.

The caller ID can also save you from unexpected calls from the in-laws, or friends and family members you’re not in the mood to talk to.

The caller ID can also help you to avoid scams. These are many of the features that a modern cordless telephone will come with, and as new features are created, this list will be updated to give you information about the latest and greatest features.