The REAL Truth About Cordless Phone Radiation And Its Dangers

By | March 19, 2014

There is a good chance that you’ve heard something about cell phone radiation. Unfortunately, this issue was brought to the attention of the media, but it quickly fell out of the view of the general public, and these days, almost nobody cares to look into it.

Consumers need to understand that many wireless devices produce electromagnetic radiation. A lot of recent studies show that wireless phones produce nearly as much radiation as cell phones. Unfortunately, there are many models that produce even more radiation than a typical cellphone.

cordless phone radiation

Radiation is bad

The DECT Technology

If you browse a local store, you will notice the terms ‘DECT’ or ‘DECT 6.0’ on the product labels of the top products. You should understand that most modern devices use the DECT technology, and both the base station and handset produce pulsed microwave radiation.

Is It Linked To Cancer?

You’re probably wondering if they are linked to cancer. A number of Swedish scientists have been performing studies on this technology and whether or not it’s linked to cancer. Scientists have concluded that it DOES increase your risk of developing cancer.

However, that doesn’t mean you should immediately throw your household phone in an incinerator. To be honest, a drink of Coca Cola can also increase your risk for cancer. In fact, a large percentage of the devices that you come into contact with on a daily basis have the potential to increase your risk for cancer. Does that mean you’re going to throw away everything you own?

Will you burn all of those tablets and smartphones? Scientists studied people who had malignant brain tumors, and they discovered that the people who used DECT products were exposed to a much greater chance of developing cancer.

Most people don’t know that cell phone towers actually produce radiation, and in some cases, it is capable of producing more radiation than a cellphone tower. Unfortunately, it constantly sends out radiation, which permeates your entire home.

Cell Phone vs. Other Radiation

Now, you’re probably wondering if your phone produces more radiation than your cellphone. The answer is: sometimes. There are some products that produce more radiation than a typical cellphone.

It’s important to understand that proximity and length of exposure are important factors. For example, you’ll be hit with less radiation the farther away you are from a base station and handset, so it’s not wise to have your base station on a small nightstand next to your bed where you sleep.

What to Do About It

When you consider the benefits, you really can’t live without it, so the next question that you might have is what you can do about it. Before you go to bed at night, unplug your base station and make sure you keep the handsets in another room because while charged they emit radiation.

You should also keep the base station at least six feet away from anywhere in your home where you spend a significant amount of time. If you’re really paranoid about the radiation, then you could keep you phone unplugged until you need to use it.

You can also try to use the speaker option on the phone, so you can keep it away from your head. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t throw the phone out because it doesn’t seem much more harmful than most of the other devices you probably interact with on a daily basis. However, you should be conscious about how you use your phones.