Panasonic KX-TGE274S Review

By | November 6, 2015




Anything Panasonic creates in phones is a winner. You are guaranteed to have a durable long-term phone in hand.  In a quest to identify the top contenders in wireless phone systems, Panasonic has repeated success by having four of their different styles of phones in the top ten. The name Panasonic means reliability. You shouldn’t ever feel like you made a mistake purchasing one of their products. If by chance you manage to get a faulty product, Panasonic will gladly take care of this problem.

This cordless phone features extra-large buttons and comes with a choice for amplified volume making ideal for those who have a harder time seeing or hearing. Adding to these great features is the ability to schedule a phone to ring only during certain hours. The “silent mode” on this model, allows set start and end times so the phone won’t ring, no other manufacturer had this feature (with scheduled hours). Call blocked is another feature which works excellent and easy on this phone, with one push of a button and the receiver receives dead air.

Another feature that the newer Panasonic phones have is that you can setup a group in your phonebook, and then assign that group to override the “silent mode”. This would allow me to give certain individuals the abilities to ring in certain rooms. You can also name every handset if you want for making intercom calls so you can easily tell the handsets apart.

The best thing about the Panasonic KX_TGE274S is the battery life. The average wireless phone systems die out at around 10 hours. This cordless phone has a phenomenal battery life with over 13 hours. If you forget to put your phone on the charger, no worries; chances are the phone is still active with over 11 days in standby. ) The answering machine is easy to setup, even without reading the instructions

This phone rates a 9.85 out 10 on scoring because it is that good. It has many adjustable features including Bluetooth pairing.  Some of the features are what you would expect in any wireless phone, such as call waiting, call blocking, transfer, 3 way conferencing, and caller I.D. Panasonic wireless phones offer only 50 numbers on caller I.D. but the phonebook is impressive. You will be able to store up to 3,000 in the phonebook. The phone will also continue to display the time when not in use.

This version of Panasonic, the KX_TGE274S, allows for up to 6 handsets. Other quality phones by Panasonic will support up to twelve. The design is efficient and offers simplicity in large screen display and keypad. It is user-friendly, offering a clean, clear method of operation.

Here is a quick list for the Panasonic KX_TGE274S:

  • Exceptional battery life: Average 13 hours
  • Stand-by time: 11 hours
  • Up to 6 handsets
  • The phonebook holds up to 3,000 numbers
  • Caller I.D. holds up to 50 numbers
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Expected features: call waiting; call blocking, transfer, 3 way conferencing, caller I.D.
  • Clean, efficient and simple design
  • Above average screen display
  • Above average keypad
  • User-friendly, easy to setup
  • Extra batteries are included

The Bottom Line: 9.85/10

The Pros: The phone is made by Panasonic. Panasonic is a trusted manufacturer for wireless phone systems.  The battery life on this phone out-performs any other wireless phone options. Considering that a business phone system with more than 5 phones could cost around $500, this is the inexpensive way to go, without compromising quality. The phone still works during power failures.

The Cons: If you are looking for a business phone system with more than 6 handsets, better to look at other Panasonic phone systems. This particular brand only allows up to six.  Some consumers have complained about the difficulty in transferring calls, so keep this in mind if for business use. The noise reduction button is gimmicky, when many phones already come with this built in.

You won’t find many negative complaints with this phone, most consumers are happy with this system. The price may be a little high for some budgets, coming in at about $114.99. But then again, cell phones are triple the cost usually. If you are concerned about purchasing a phone that won’t last, then rely on the Panasonic name to get a quality system. This wireless phone system is reliable and functional, and it is fast becoming the number one pick in the market today.