Gigaset S820A Review

By | November 3, 2015

Gigaset S820A


The Gigaset S820A goes all out for functionality and impressive features. This cordless phone system pushes the envelope on longevity, giving users a talk time of up to 20 hours and a standby time of up to 250 hours. Other phone systems simply cannot deliver this.  It has a sleek design with 2.4 inch color ‘touchscreen’ and button keypads, almost making it feel like a cell phone. Actually, it has many features similar to a cell phone such as built-in SMS messaging and Bluetooth for hands-free wireless headsets. It is a high performance phone.

Some of the traditional features of the Gigaset S820A include night mode, call silencing, low and no radiation eco modes and call blocking. The answering machine includes up to 55 minutes of recording time.

Here is the quick list for the Gigaset SO820A:

  • HSPTM sound quality
  • Eco Mode Plus with no radiation
  • Answering machine with up to 55 minutes of recording time
  • Large, easy to use 2.4″ touchscreen plus convenient keypad
  • Call management functions: time-based and anonymous call silencing, call blocker, call text message forwarding
  • Quick Sync and Bluetooth technology allow you to synchronize information between the phone and files
  • Talk time of up to 20 hours and standby time up to 250 hours
  • Idle screen displays up to 6 creative functions
  • Message centre lists outgoing, incoming and missed calls
  • Calendar, date reminder, alarm clock with snooze

This phone is fun to toy with, much like learning to use all the functions on your cell phone. You can easily configure the Gigaset S820’s idle screen to support up to six of your favorite functions by selecting with just one tap on the touchscreen. For example, if there are certain times of day you don’t want to be bothered, simply use the time-based call silencing program. It is user-friendly with most of the features.

The customization of features is what makes this phone an awesome high performance system. You can adjust settings precisely to your specifications. Quick Sync and Bluetooth technology allows for information to be synchronized, for instance, your outlook files. Even cooler is the ability to assign different ringtones with picture ID’s by downloading the sounds and pictures. You can have an extensive contact list as each entry provides space for up to 4 numbers and the phone book allows up to 500 entries. It is a simple organization method comparable to that of a smartphone. This phone even has the function of a ‘date reminder’ for appointments or birthdays.

In case you have never heard of ECO DECT it is a new technology which is kinder to the environment, lowers radiation risks, and saves energy. ECO DECT phones consume less electricity. Depending on the distance between handsets to base station, it reduces the transmitting power without ever affecting the quality of the call.  You can manually reduce the transmitting power to the Gigaset S820A’s base station by 80 percent simply by selecting the ECO Mode. ECO Mode will also turn off the transmitting power when the phone is on standby.

The Bottom Line: 8.4/10

The Pros: Consumers enjoy the quality screensaver with analogue clock; however some wish it would stay on longer. The sound quality of the phone is excellent and clear. The overall concept of a home or business phone taking on technology similar to cell phones is exciting and necessary, as we are so advanced in cell phone technology.

The Cons: Some consumers have complained the software is immature and needs to come up to date. As a result, some functions can be time-consuming to program such as editing contacts. The screensaver will trip into idle screen mode for no apparent reason. Some of the features didn’t function properly, such as the answering machine recording could be set to a 15 second delay prior to recording, but the BT 1571 message service would kick in after 30 seconds, this service also prevents the answering machine recording.

Although this particular model is on the right tracks with technology, it is still not up to par with, let’s say, cell phones. It seems like that is the ultimate goal with the software. The price tag at $194.95 does not equal value when you are dealing with buggy software. The features absolutely have to work correctly and with any luck be user-friendly. The concept of the Gigaset S820A is exciting, and quite desirable for a home or business phone system. Perhaps the next generation will have worked out all the kinks to continue the idea of a high performance wireless phone system.