Best Home Phone for Seniors

By | September 8, 2016

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what age you are, technology is moving so fast even the best of us are having to run at marathon speed aside all the latest innovations in all things electronic. Even washing machines seem like foreign entities made to overwhelm a simple wash cycle. Yet when it comes to phones, and it involves seniors, the challenge is incredibly difficult for many. And for others, trying to learn or use the latest phone can be downright scary.

But take a deep breath, and know that some of these latest advances actually had seniors in mind during design and development of home phone systems. Better, the manufacturers were realistic in setting affordable prices, giving great customer service and handling any problems with the new phones.

If you are in the market for a user-friendly home phone which embraces some features directly related to seniors, take a good look at the top-rated phones seniors are using today:

Our favorite and the best home phone for seniors come via Clarity. Clarity specifically designs their systems for those who are hard of hearing or seeing. They take it beyond that with creating their phones for those who also suffer from finger dexterity and memory problems.

Plantronics Clarity XLC2 Amplified Cordless Big Button Speakerphone


This big button phone has a dual power set up, so in the events of a power outage or forgetful insights to power up the phone.  Clarity phones are amplified for better communication and ease for the one using it. There are huge buttons to aid those who suffer from poor vision or a shaky hand. The best feature about a Clarity phone is they are under a $100, making them number one choice for seniors.

Clarity XLC3.4 Amplified Cordless Phone- Best cordless phone for hearing impaired


Another version of the superior Clarity brand, this phone is designed to be super user-friendly. The phone amplifies at the 50+dB level, which is perfect for hearing the voices of the incoming callers. There is an outgoing microphone which amplifies by 15dB, and the ringer can be adjusted up to a 95dB. The design of the phone shows the intentions of the manufacturers to sincerely focus on the needs of seniors or the hearing/visual impaired.

VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 – Optimal cordless telephone sets


You can never go wrong with the VTech brand, primarily because of the durability and hardware of the phone system. VTechs are known to be more like ever-ready bunnies, always making it the long haul over time.  This is a good deal for seniors, for this reason and for the budget. VTech brands are not expensive, just well-made. These phones can be bought for under $50 dollars for 2 sets. A second phone in the bedroom is a great idea for seniors in case of emergencies.

This specific brand is great for seniors thanks to the large buttons and the huge information display, making it easy to see and to read. Another feature is the phone will verbally announce the caller before the telephone is answered. This is a great safety issue, plus it can ward off pesky telemarketers or scammers. There is an excellent battery, and a speed dial feature.

Panasonic KX-TGE262S Cordless Phone with Answering System


Panasonic is another leader in quality home phone systems. It seems they are design their phones with seniors in mind. With this particular model, two heads sets are included, which is an added benefit for seniors in many ways. The buttons are oversized and easily manageable. This is also a less expensive phone for seniors on a strict budget.

What makes the Panasonic KX even better as a choice phone is it has the capability to connect to Smartphones. While the initial instructions may represent difficulty, once it is done this is a nice addition which most seem to love.  Another useful feature is the sound reduction, making it much easier for seniors to hear their conversations in a normal manner.

While there are a multitude of phones which advertise as ‘senior’ phones, it is always wise to read the specified features list, and reviews by other senior who have used the phone or are currently using the brand. Some people different requirements than others, so the variances