AT&T CLP99483 Review

By | October 29, 2015

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In understanding the overall value of a wireless phone system, you will find people follow brands they are familiar with. AT&T is the leading provider in phones and services. Because of this reputation, people trust in the brand name of AT&T.  They know phones.

Now if you are looking for a serious phone, but at a good price. Look no further. AT&T CLP99483 is ready at only $70 dollars. One look at this phone system and you will already recognize the complexity of AT&T quality.  The base has a display so you can scroll through the phonebook or see caller ID entries. This design can be intimidating to those who want simplicity. There is a lot going on. For techno-nerds they will love learning about the capabilities, or why the base station is filled with different sized mysterious buttons.

If you were to scrutinize this phone, you would see it has all the standard features of most cordless phone setups.  Such functions as caller I.D, number memory, rapid dial, call waiting and call forwarding are pretty much standard on phones these days. DECT 6.0 is pretty much standard on most wireless phone systems these days, but still the technology is nice.

The built-in USB dock is definitely nice for making and receiving cell calls from your home system, as is the ability to quickly recharge your cell phone (no more looking for charge cords). You can also download up to 6,000 cell phonebook contacts to the cordless handsets. It is easy to pair up two cellular lines and one landline with this phone. You can receive calls on all three lines all at once.

Also included is a feature called, simulated full duplex operation, which prevents drop-offs or cut outs in your conversations. This is comparable to old-school phone systems in way of having a more natural conversation. The Push-to-Talk option is good for a quick and easy way to communicate with others in your house. You can select a specific handset to talk to, or push and hold the button for a second or two to ring all handsets (up to 5) connected to the system. Once they answer, you can communicate back and forth like a pair of walkie-talkies using the Push-to-Talk button on the side of each handset.

There is instant notification when your cell phone receives a text, email or other social media updates. Each handset will beep and display which kind of message is coming in. You can also receive calendar reminders with this model. This cordless phone system also maintains the best in range and clarity due to the unique antenna design and advance noise-filtering technology.

It is exactly the price and the complexity of the AT&T CLP99483 which make it an intriguing buy. You just feel like you are getting a whole lot of punch for your dollar. This busy little wireless system is perfect for home or business environment. The only downside is the lack of battery life. Most phone systems will push up to 10 hours, but this particular cordless phone can do around 7 hours.

Here is a quick list for the AT&T CLP99483:

  • Quality name brand
  • Great Price
  • Standard features expected
  • Battery life is 7 hours
  • Base has screen display
  • A built-in USB dock
  • Up to 6,000 phonebook contacts
  • Instant notifications and calendar reminders
  • HD Audio with Equalizer
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Answering machine with remote access

The Bottom Line: 8.9/10

The Pros: Basic functionality for a great price. The added frills make it seem more expensive. The added USB Port is super nice for cell phones. This system carries excellent audio quality using HD Audio with Equalizer functions.

The Cons: The battery capabilities can be a challenge. Battery life is only 7 hours and sometimes there is trouble charging the phone, taking up to 11 hours to recharge. This is considerably longer than other phones. There is no ‘call-blocking’ feature on this phone which is surprising; however this is a function most consumers want today in lieu of telemarketers.

The phone advertises as holding up to 6,000 phone contacts which is true, but different directories have to be created. The base station has one main directory called ‘home’ with a capacity of 200 names. As well, the data entry of contacts into multiple directories is aggravating and time consuming, so setting up individual directories is inconvenient. There is no speed dial feature on this model.

The AT&T CLP99483 is a very robust cordless phone set that delivers first on sound, and second on features. Yet for the price, it comes in as a quality system.